Climate change is considered by a United Nations report as ‘the single biggest threat to life, security and prosperity on earth’, and we need to start tackling climate change locally and immediately. As Mayor, on day one, I will declare a climate emergency.

I will convene a Climate Change Liaison Group (CCLG) immediately to develop a plan to make the North of Tyne a net zero-carbon region by 2030. This will not be a paper exercise – I will allocate funds to provide skilled staff to support the work of the CCLG, involving Councillors, residents, businesses, young citizens, civil society groups, and experts from our Universities and other relevant parties. Over the following 12 months, the CCLG will produce the strategy. The Mayoral Authority will not invest in fossil fuels, arms manufacture or other unethical funds, and will actively support divestment from fossil fuels across the public sector within 3 years, including pension fund divestment.

It is important to note the Green Industrial Revolution is not simply some environmental policies, it is about a large coordinated set of policies to create environmental, economic and social sustainability together. All of the policies in this manifesto contribute – local procurement, local banking, better housing, community hubs and better education.

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