Provide world-class environmental education

If elected Mayor I will, in conjunction with other organisations, tackle climate change immediately. Environmental education will be central to this.

I will recruit a team of dedicated educators, who can inspire and enthuse school students about environmental issues. This will include mentoring them in hands-on projects about environmental sustainability, from engineering projects such as designing and building a working wind turbine, to planning and maintaining a sustainable, high yield, urban garden. This will develop STEM skills alongside practical work skills, providing a sense of satisfaction and meaning for the participating school students, and develop the initiative that future employers love to see in young people. I will work to make sure this course gets accreditation points for university entrance. I will also make similar courses available to adults via community provision and partner organisations.

Environmental education is also about encouraging a considered respect for nature and how people can live sustainably. Environmental programmes will encourage critical awareness and promote the individual and collective development of creative solutions to environmental problems. Social and mainstream media will be utilised to create regional educational campaigns informing the public about environmental issues.

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