Work with industry, schools, colleges and universities to provide careers advice

If elected, the Mayor’s office will work closely with a range of organisations in industry and education, including the Local Enterprise Partnership, to promote the best possible careers advice to young people leaving school, college or university. People in work wanting to take their careers in different directions or change occupations will be advised on education, training, and financial support available and how to approach relevant institutions.

In schools I will evaluate the success of pilot projects where schools have had embedded careers advisors. If positive, I will roll this project out to significantly improve the liaison between schools and employers, to provide a better experience all round from workplace placements, so school children have a much clearer idea about work, can make more informed choices, and employers are better able to support young people when they start work.

I will involve trade unions to make sure young workers are aware of their legal rights before starting out in the world of work.

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